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Feb 12



Many years back I found myself hanging out in the mountains of Kashmir in the village of Aru.  This place was situated along the pilgrimage route to Amarnath Cave where hundreds of thousands of people trek each year to receive blessings from the naturally self created Shiva Lingam.  However what I wish to share with …

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Oct 30



There is this tension between planning and allowing that occurs when we take a journey.  Clearly most of us create itineraries for a trip we want to make.  There are obvious reasons for this (i.e., consideration of cost, anticipated destinations that are on our bucket lists, constraints of time, who we travel with, and much …

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Oct 16


Space Capsule Re-Entry

Imagine spending time in outer space for an extended time and now you are making your way back home to Mother Earth.  As you begin to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere your space capsule begins to experience resistance to your approach.  Continuing to plummet under the force of gravity this resistance increases and your capsule heats …

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Aug 01

Losing My Way In Journaling

Journal Entry

I was recently sifting through the journals I wrote from my first journey to India.    It was a bit of a shock.  After all the years since these travels I recalled vividly certain episodes and would frequently tell others stories about these experiences.  These are stories that I have held dear to me and people …

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May 07

Starting The Journey


How we come to leave-taking and embark on a journey is really a mystery.   Our hunger for certainty often trips us up in our attempts to fathom causation.  Most of us have been seduced by the idea of a simple cause and effect chain of events.  However, beginnings are far messier.  They are never …

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Apr 02

Welcome to GlobalWalkabouts™

This is my inaugural blog post for GlobalWalkabouts. I want to share with you and, hopefully, an expanding audience the ideas I have been exploring about a way we can relate to our planet and all the richness and diversity it manifests.  The inception of this idea was prompted by some powerful, even ecstatic, epiphanies …

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