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Dec 18


public school 133

I was recently back on, what use to be, my home turf.  The holidays provided an opportunity to visit family and friends.  I had the good fortune to spend time with my Mom and sleep in the house where I grew up.  This afforded me the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood.  I often do …

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Nov 13


  In contrast to many travelers I didn’t ‘hit the road’ until much later in my life.  Sure I had some occasional experiences traveling with family or joining some program that required some extended travel.  However, my first ‘real’ forays into independent travel didn’t materialize until I decided to travel to India for initially three …

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Oct 01



When travel comes to mind most of us think of the type of transport we use to get to a destination.  How often do you see depicted in posters, flyers or what not iconic images of planes, ships, railroad engines, buses and cars.  The idea of being on foot is pretty low on the totem …

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Jul 09

Ruins and Echoes


    I have this love affair with ruins.  Ruins are the quintessential dreamscapes.  Wandering among them conjures up a host of impressions that entertain my imagination.  And yet, as much as I can indulge in some fantastic reverie, they also hint of other realities.

Jun 18

The Gaze

Encountering the Other - © jkelton 2008

Below is a posting I had sent to a subscriber list about an extended journey I took in 2005 in South East Asia.  This particular entry brought home to me just how powerful it is to really meet and see The Other.    “Within an hour or so we turned off the Mekong into the …

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Jun 03

Getting Lost And Found


    I like to get lost.  For many this would be anathema.  For me it is an invitation for adventure. Travel brings this to the forefront. Getting lost is a process.  It follows an arc that often starts with a sort of panic.  In this uncertainty my senses are heightened and I become hyper …

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Apr 02

Welcome to GlobalWalkabouts™

This is my inaugural blog post for GlobalWalkabouts. I want to share with you and, hopefully, an expanding audience the ideas I have been exploring about a way we can relate to our planet and all the richness and diversity it manifests.  The inception of this idea was prompted by some powerful, even ecstatic, epiphanies …

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