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Feb 12



Many years back I found myself hanging out in the mountains of Kashmir in the village of Aru.  This place was situated along the pilgrimage route to Amarnath Cave where hundreds of thousands of people trek each year to receive blessings from the naturally self created Shiva Lingam.  However what I wish to share with …

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Jan 15

THE MAGIC OF PLACE (Visiting the Taj Mahal)


Places have a power that can be revealed depending on how we show up.  What is required is the suspension of our usual ways of making sense of things.  Rather than the grasping at information there is this invitation to allow things to come to you.   I’ve been reflecting on what should be my …

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Nov 27


The very nature of journeying involves making transitions and they are always challenging.  Transitions impose a discontinuity in our experiencing.  Something gets disrupted in order to allow for something else to happen.  And in such a disconnection we become vulnerable.  This was brought home to me recently.

Nov 13


  In contrast to many travelers I didn’t ‘hit the road’ until much later in my life.  Sure I had some occasional experiences traveling with family or joining some program that required some extended travel.  However, my first ‘real’ forays into independent travel didn’t materialize until I decided to travel to India for initially three …

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Oct 30



There is this tension between planning and allowing that occurs when we take a journey.  Clearly most of us create itineraries for a trip we want to make.  There are obvious reasons for this (i.e., consideration of cost, anticipated destinations that are on our bucket lists, constraints of time, who we travel with, and much …

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Aug 28


Travel Knick Knacks

One of the motivations for doing this blog is to turn readers on to the importance of elevating their relationships with the Earth and the Places she contains.  Many of us travel to experience such places and hopefully receive some kind of gift from them to bring home to our communities. Often we purchase “tourist …

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Aug 13

Relating to Place

Delores Park, San Francisco

As I embarked on my daily walk around the park I live near, it occurred to me that I had grown acustomed to “her face” to borrow from a line in the Broadway show “My Fair Lady”.  Prior to this I had taken “her” existence for granted.  But now I began to realize that my …

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Aug 01

Losing My Way In Journaling

Journal Entry

I was recently sifting through the journals I wrote from my first journey to India.    It was a bit of a shock.  After all the years since these travels I recalled vividly certain episodes and would frequently tell others stories about these experiences.  These are stories that I have held dear to me and people …

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Jul 09

Ruins and Echoes


    I have this love affair with ruins.  Ruins are the quintessential dreamscapes.  Wandering among them conjures up a host of impressions that entertain my imagination.  And yet, as much as I can indulge in some fantastic reverie, they also hint of other realities.

Jun 18

The Gaze

Encountering the Other - © jkelton 2008

Below is a posting I had sent to a subscriber list about an extended journey I took in 2005 in South East Asia.  This particular entry brought home to me just how powerful it is to really meet and see The Other.    “Within an hour or so we turned off the Mekong into the …

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