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Apr 22


The Tree Huggers-from Thich Nhat Hanh

I would like to pay tribute to the trees in my life.  They have been stalwart supports that have served to ground and memorialize milestones in my brief existence on this planet.   So often there has been a particular tree that would insist itself into my awareness each time I passed it in the course …

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Dec 18


public school 133

I was recently back on, what use to be, my home turf.  The holidays provided an opportunity to visit family and friends.  I had the good fortune to spend time with my Mom and sleep in the house where I grew up.  This afforded me the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood.  I often do …

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Jun 18

The Gaze

Encountering the Other - © jkelton 2008

Below is a posting I had sent to a subscriber list about an extended journey I took in 2005 in South East Asia.  This particular entry brought home to me just how powerful it is to really meet and see The Other.    “Within an hour or so we turned off the Mekong into the …

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May 07

Starting The Journey


How we come to leave-taking and embark on a journey is really a mystery.   Our hunger for certainty often trips us up in our attempts to fathom causation.  Most of us have been seduced by the idea of a simple cause and effect chain of events.  However, beginnings are far messier.  They are never …

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