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Apr 22


The Tree Huggers-from Thich Nhat Hanh

I would like to pay tribute to the trees in my life.  They have been stalwart supports that have served to ground and memorialize milestones in my brief existence on this planet.   So often there has been a particular tree that would insist itself into my awareness each time I passed it in the course …

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Feb 12



Many years back I found myself hanging out in the mountains of Kashmir in the village of Aru.  This place was situated along the pilgrimage route to Amarnath Cave where hundreds of thousands of people trek each year to receive blessings from the naturally self created Shiva Lingam.  However what I wish to share with …

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Aug 13

Relating to Place

Delores Park, San Francisco

As I embarked on my daily walk around the park I live near, it occurred to me that I had grown acustomed to “her face” to borrow from a line in the Broadway show “My Fair Lady”.  Prior to this I had taken “her” existence for granted.  But now I began to realize that my …

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