Apr 02

Welcome to GlobalWalkabouts™

This is my inaugural blog post for GlobalWalkabouts. I want to share with you and, hopefully, an expanding audience the ideas I have been exploring about a way we can relate to our planet and all the richness and diversity it manifests.  The inception of this idea was prompted by some powerful, even ecstatic, epiphanies about why I like to travel.  From this interest, I also realized that the GlobalWalkabouts process could greatly impact and improve the way we relate to Nature and to the spirit of Places on this planet.  Furthermore it can offer a remedy to the angst of modern living.


In these posts I intend to flesh out a multitude of perspectives that can illuminate how we journey.  I want to share my enthusiasm about travel and how it has impacted the way I think and feel.  Travel for me has been transformative.  It has opened ways of seeing and growing into the person I am today.  It is my wish that you will be inspired to explore and enjoy what travel can offer, not only as an embodied activity but as a perspective on life.


What I hope in these blogs is to point beyond the usual discussions about destination and the management of how you get to these spots.  I wish to explore the psychological and spiritual textures of travel.  Underneath and comingled in every journey, large or small, is an inherent urge to understand ourselves and to find where we belong.  No matter what the plan was for the trip you are taking, whether it is mere relaxation, adventure, or profit, there lies a deeper intention that is linked to our essential nature.  Just setting out on a journey can kindle this prompting in us.


Although the possibility of finding connection to our core sensibilities through travel exists, it still demands of us an investment of energy and time, just as much as it does to make the journey in the first place.  Life has a strong pull on us to just go with the flow and it can feel like swimming up stream when I make any attempt to resist this pull and simply stop and examine my self.  Even a little pause here and there can make a big difference in opening to new dimensions of experiencing.


So, in these blog posts, I am inviting you to accompany me into playing with and exploring a whole range of issues that relate to traveling but that also invite you to experience how travel can open you to being connected to the primordial past of our ancestors, the power of places and ways we can interact with them, the ways our senses can awaken and our insights can deepen about living, how places can reveal our purpose in life, how we relate to larger communities and how we are finding our way home.




  1. David

    Just discovered your blog and read through it backwards, to find that it commenced on my birthday! What an auspicious sign! What have you discovered in your travels about signs and portents?

    1. jeffkelton

      Nothing like going back to the Source David. You never know what gems await those who travel that path. As to your comment about signs and portents and travel: the short response is that all travel is grounded the way we choose to respond to what is experienced as a sign. Whether I engage or ignore them affects and can even determine the direction and feel of what a journey becomes. I believe the more you embrace these signs the more significant the journey. At the very least it opens you to your own depths in relation to a place you are visiting.

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